Pre-Kindergarten Program

We prepare children for Kindergarten and a lifetime of learning by offering them a developmentally appropriate curriculum, nurturing staff, and a commitment to children’s social well-being in an environment that respects and celebrates diversity.  Social skills are instilled and taught during their journey in Pre-Kindergarten.  Social skills such as creative problem solving, conflict resolution and teamwork are enhanced in our Just 4 Us program. Children in our Pre-K program learn how to count to 100 by ones, twos, fives, and tens. They learn both upper and lower case letter recognition and sound, how to write and read sentences, history, and science.

Our children enjoy monthly community visitors and field trips! Guest speakers from our local library offer our children great story telling hours!

Our structured Pre-K Program prepares our children for Kindergarten. Rest assured your child will be ready for Kindergarten!

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